Clinical Psychology with Dr. Lauren Riordan

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Watch now to learn from Dr. Riordan, PhD, a clinical psychologist, founder, and co-director of the Waverly Group for pediatric therapy and assessments. Through psycho-educational evaluations, Dr. Riordan works with children to better understand how they think and learn best. With her evaluations, Dr. Riordan can assess a child’s strengths and weakness and provide a diagnosis which serves as a foundation for treatment plans. Dr. Riordan’s work also extends into education as her evaluations are utilized in forming Individualized Education Plans and accommodations for students so they can thrive in a school setting.

With her years’ of experience, Dr. Riordan provides insight into diagnosing different disorders, as well as the increase in mental health and social development issues in the past year due to Covid-19. To learn more about the diagnosis process, non-verbal learning disorder, and the effects of the pandemic on mental health, watch the video linked below!

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  1. I love your website. I’m studying psychology in school. I never took any neuroscience classes. After reading your articles and watching your videos I became so interested in this subject. I can’t wait to take some neuroscience classes. It’s really given me a more concentrated view of how the brain works and how it integrates with the rest of the body.

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