Special Ed Teaching and Social Work with Haley Alperin

Watch now to learn from Haley Alperin, a special education instructor and direct support professional, on her experiences with working with children with special needs. Alperin’s hope to help children through her work has guided her as she navigated many career paths from working at Nickelodeon (to increase diverse representation in the media), to teaching, to social work. As a special education teacher, Alperin worked within underprivileged communities and discussed the influence of socioeconomic disparities on access to resources and educational opportunities. After teaching, her focus has shifted to social work as she is currently obtaining her Masters of Social Work and will begin working at Child Mind Institute in September 2021.  

With her strength-based approach in teaching and social work, Alperin helps her students to build transitional and life skills as building blocks for success in their future. To learn more about disparities in education, nature versus nurture in the development of neurological issues, and pursuing a career in social work, watch the video linked below!

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