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Mission Statement

Explore Neuro aims to provide an educational, supportive, and interactive platform for all audiences interested in learning about neuroscience and its application in our everyday lives. With easily accessible and comprehensive resources, Explore Neuro improves its readers’ understanding of  neurological scientific discoveries, as well as the experiences of those impacted by the field. On this website, you can find… 

  • Videos of interviews with experts to spread knowledge
  • Articles that share current events and neurological developments 
  • Blog on neuroscience and psychology topics 
  • Reflections on neuroscience seminars, workshops, programs,  and lectures
  • Resources highlighting organizations to join/donate to 

What I Do

I Learn.

Through community service,  interviews with experts, and research, I’ve gained experience and knowledge of neuroscience.  

I Write.

As I accumulate information, I write what I have learned in order to document my experiences and share them with others. 

I Teach.

I create accessible, entertaining, and informative resources to teach readers through articles, videos, social media and more. 

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